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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Young Love: Helping Children Create a Love for Reading

I can still remember my favorite books of childhood. I'll bet that you can too. You know the ones that you would pick up and read over and over again on a rainy day and enjoy each time you opened up those wonderfully illustrated covers and were transported directly into the story. Reading opens many doors, providing an opportunity to learn and understand the world around us. Although we often view it as a past-time or form of entertainment, it is also a prominent skill that will determine our success

According to statistics listed at, "forecasters have predicted that if static literacy levels continue, then by 2030 the entire Literacy Level distribution of the U.S. population will have decreased, creating an American workforce that is unequipped and unskilled to work in the global market." (Educational Testing Service)

The world in which we live is now driven by technology that is updated almost daily. Often, children are more equipped on computer skills, social media, and video gaming and production than adults. But with so much time spent in this electronic realm, are their reading skills developing enough to help them succeed?
"Children who grow up in homes where books are plentiful go further in school than those who don't. Children with low-education families can do as well as children with high-education families if they have access to books at home." (Scholastic)

Helping to make a difference can be as simple as reading a book to a child, introducing them to the local library system and helping them to select age-appropriate books, or becoming involved in a non-profit literacy organization such as First Book, which helps to provide books to children living in low economic areas. With a little time and effort, we can each make a difference in a child's life. Share the Joy of Reading Today!

What was your favorite childhood book?



  1. Reading that literacy stat makes me so sad. And angry! There's simply no excuse for that :(

    Thanks for sharing First Book's link! Have you ever heard of Imagination Library? I just learned about it a few days ago. I haven't explored all of the ins and outs but it sounds like a great program. (

    I loved all three of the books you highlighted. Amelia Bedelia still cracks me up, lol.

  2. Hi Jennifer-- I haven't visiting Imagination Library before but I will definitely check it out. Thanks for letting me know about it. I love to discover new literacy sites. Thanks for visiting!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  3. I often worry that, due to the availability of constant online/electronic entertainment, it will be hard to instill a love of reading in my son. But I just keep on buying him books and reading them to him, in the hopes that it will take. :)
    FYI Imagination Library is AWESOME. My son got the opportunity to sign up when he was born (a local charity paired with the hospital where he was born and gave all kids born in a certain window the opportunity to sign up for free). Now he gets one new book in the mail each month until he's 5. It's amazing!

    1. Hi Kelly-- I just learned about Imagination Library today and am excited to check it out. It sounds like you are on the right track! Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!
      Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate



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