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Friday, July 19, 2013

Book Beginnings: The Country Girls Trilogy

 Today I am linking up to Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader where readers share the first sentence of the current book they are reading.

"I wakened quickly and sat up in bed abruptly. It is only when I am anxious that I waken easily and for a minute I did not know that my heart was beating faster than usual. Then I remembered. The old reason. He had not come home."

From the introduction, the reader grasps that the narrator is worried over the absence of a particular individual. She states that her quick wakening was from "the old reason," providing the reader with the background that she finds herself in a situation familiar to her. Whom is she referencing and what is the underlying problem?

About the Book (from Penguin Books, 1960; Kate and Baba are two young Irish country girls who have spent their childhood together. As they leave the safety of their convent school in search of life and love in the big city, they struggle to maintain their somewhat tumultuous relationship. Kate, dreamy and romantic, yearns for true love, while Baba just wants to experience the life of a single girl. Although they set out to conquer the world together, as their lives take unexpected turns, Kate and Baba must ultimately learn to find their own way.
About the Author (from Edna O'Brien (born 15 December 1930) is an Irish novelist, memoirist, playwright, poet and short story writer. She is considered the "doyenne" of Irish literature.O'Brien's works often revolve around the inner feelings of women, and their problems in relating to men, and to society as a whole. Her first novel, The Country Girls, is often credited with breaking silence on sexual matters and social issues during a repressive period in Ireland following World War II. The book was banned, burned and denounced from the pulpit, and O'Brien left Ireland behind. O'Brien now lives in London. She received the Irish PEN Award in 2001. Saints and Sinners won the 2011 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award, the world's richest prize for a short story collection. Faber and Faber published her memoir, Country Girl, in 2012.

Happy Reading!


  1. Ah, I've been noticing this book around lately, and I'm reminded that I've been wanting to read it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Rebecca, nice to discover your blog via the book beginnings meme. I feel like this opening is a bit tinged with sadness, that someone isn't there, and that it's a regular thing... I hope you enjoy the book.
    Here's mine

  3. Great teaser! Thanks for sharing it, the premise sounds very interesting so I've added it on GoodReads. I hope to get around to it one of these days :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. Oops, forgot to sign it off as Lianne from ;)

  4. What an intriguing opener - hope you enjoy reading the book :)

  5. Wonderful beginning. I would pick it up!

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