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Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcome to The Key to the Gate

I have had a long and lasting love affair with books since I first learned to read. I can fall in love with a book before I even read the first sentence. The cover art, the quality of the paper, the smell of the ink, the type of binding- all of these things that comprise the book draw me in. And then its begins. A good story can capture the reader's attention within the first paragraph, and it becomes impossible to put it down. Dinner will have to wait. It's only 2 a.m. I can function on four hours of sleep, right? And so it goes.

I also love blogs. I love to visit them and catch a glimpse at another's world and that feeling when you realize that we are truly all so similar. It's a chance to share the things you enjoy with others in hopes that they too are inspired and continue to share the message. The message is simple. Read. Read for your mind, read for your heart, read for your spirit, read to understand, change, evolve. Read. Always read.

Here, you will soon find reading suggestions, information for book clubs, book giveaways, and hopefully much more. Stay up-to-date with The Key to the Gate by clicking on the "Join this site" link in the sidebar or enter your email address to have posts sent directly to your inbox. Let's share the joy of reading together!


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