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Monday, July 17, 2017

Turn Your Blog Posts into a Book in 5 Easy Steps!

     After several years of blogging, my interest and ability to maintain a current and regularly updated blog had decreased, and I was ready to move on to other projects and goals. But I was disappointed that all of the work that existed on those pages would disappear as new platforms are developed and readers seek out and read information in different formats. What's a writer to do? 

     Whether you are ready to close the window on your blog or are ready to take it to the next level, a book is the perfect avenue to help you create a portfolio of your best work.

In these five easy steps, I will outline how I turned my past blog posts into an e-book that successfully archives my exclusive content and makes it available to new readers.

1.  Review

Take a scroll back through all of your blog posts, from the very beginning until your most recent. Do you notice a theme that is cohesive through several of your entries? Is there a topic that you routinely address? Have you offered unique or helpful information in regards to a particular activity, lifestyle, or skill? Make note of these consistencies and determine which subject matter could be most easily combined.

2.  Collect & Organize

After deciding which posts share similar content and could be grouped together, begin collecting these into a single electronic file that will enable you to easily make changes. Organize these posts into an order that makes sense to a new reader. Perhaps this is in the same order in which you originally posted this information on your blog. If not, move the the text around until you are comfortable with the flow of material. Likely, each post will represent a chapter in your book.

3.  Assess

Now that you have organized the posts that you want to include in your book, evaluate the content and determine what information or area of the subject is missing and begin filling in the blanks. Is there more knowledge you can share? Can you elaborate on the material to aid the reader in benefiting from your content? Does the first post serve as an introduction? Does the final entry work as a strong conclusion? Add omitted details, instructions or tips to form a cohesive transition between each chapter.

4.  Polish

Your text is now combined into one file. Next, begin to edit your writing and polish the overall appearance of your content. Can you add photographs or personal artwork to accompany your material? Try highlighting important text that reflects your message or add direct quotes to enhance your expertise on the subject.

5. Publish

An e-book is essential to readers in today's digital media world. However, you may choose to have printed copies of your book published as well, depending on the quality of your material. Amazon makes self-publishing straightforward and attainable for everyone, but you may decide another outlet is best for your work. A simple internet search can lead you to the best platform to upload your finished product and with a little effort, your book will be uploaded and ready for download and distribution.

Congratulate yourself on being a published author and don't forget to share your new book with your blog readers who have followed along with you on your journey!

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Happy Reading!

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