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Friday, February 24, 2017

Not All Book Clubs Are Created Equal

     Have you ever finished a book that stirred so many emotions in you that you were compelled to tell everyone you came into contact with that they must read it? A week passes. Then a month. And still no one has approached you about this amazing story, leaving you no choice but to reflect on it in solitude.

     Whether you love to read or you’re simply looking for more social interaction with like-minded individuals, a book club can be an ideal platform. Reading groups provide a unique forum for readers to express their love of books, thoughts, and reactions with others.
     However, not all book clubs are created equal. Creating and participating in a reading group requires a time commitment not only for completing the selected book but for organizing and planning a meeting that members are enthusiastic to attend, keeping them coming back each month.

     In Book Club Savvy: A Resource Guide for Creating an Engaging and Successful Reading Group, you will discover the steps needed for forming an effective book club that is both engaging and successful. After years of researching book clubs, I created this e-book to offer strategies to help ensure that your group flourishes and continues to share the joy of reading for years to come!

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Happy Reading!

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