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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reading Anna Karenina

I wanted to check in because I haven't had a new post in little while. I'm still reading Anna Karenina. I am nearing the half-way point. I am thoroughly enjoying the book but life has been interfering with my reading schedule as of late. This novel is much easier to read than I was anticipating and the storyline is incredible. I am excited to finish it and see the new film adaptation.

What are you currently reading?



  1. Good to hear it's not such a chore as you anticipated. Maybe I will read it one day - if I hear more good things about it.

  2. Thanks for visiting! The mass market paperback that I am reading is over 800 pages which feels daunting but I love a challenge! I hope you are enjoying your reading selections thsi fall.
    Happy Reading,



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