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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Girl Talk: Discussing Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James was my book club's recent selection. This book has definitely been the blockbuster of the summer with whispers at water coolers everywhere. I was curious to read this because of all of the hype and media attention it was receiving. Prior to reading it, I had several friends who described their experience with the book as they secretly turned the pages in private, fearing that their significant others were going to discover that they were reading such provocative material (even being dubbed female pornography).

Personally, I think these ladies need to loosen up and read some D. H. Lawrence. Neither Christian nor Anastasia were particularly likable characters and the story line did read like a bad porn movie. Demure girl walks into office of overly sexed, attractive male. A brief game of cat and mouse ensues before attraction is too great for either to resist. Girl finds herself in a bad script and enjoys the scene.

I wasn't offended by the material. If anything, it has created a platform for women to speak more openly about their sexuality and the bravado to own it.

The members of my group who had finished all three books let the rest of us in on how the relationship develops and I was disappointed to learn that the ending completely played into the stereotype of a female's notion of a happy ending - stripping all of the power that author could have given to a new generation of independent women.

It is worth reading so that you too can participate in the whispered discussions about this book that keeps popping up everywhere.

Laters, baby.

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  1. I loved the 1st, I found it refreshingly entertainly. I hated the ending, I thought the author did it just for her romance fans, it broke the love for me.

    I'm sure it was a fun bookclub meeting.



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